Song of the Day: “Let Me Down Easy” by Sheppard

Today’s song is “Let Me Down Easy” by Sheppard. The Brisbane, Australia sextet is comprised of siblings, George, Amy and Emma Sheppard, and friends Jay Bovino, Michael Butler. It was a rivalry that sparked the formation of a group like no other. 

Born from a strong family foundation; George, Amy and Emma Sheppard perform with a desire to artistically and creatively express their take on the world and to engage the youth that live within it. 

The family holds a strong bond to Papua New Guinea, where Amy and George grew up. It was after relocating to Australia that the three siblings began discovering their unique musical talent and ability to play a variety of musical instruments. 

It wasn’t long until the family discovered the talents of Sydney musician/songwriter Jason Bovino. Jay was quickly recruited as a valuable member of the songwriting team and then the group soon grew to a gang of six when they saw great potential in musicians Michael Butler and Jared Tredley both from Brisbane.

This song is off their US debut self-titled EP which was released last month. This Brisbane Australia’s sibling 6-piece act will instantly charm your ears with their feel, good, finger snapping, toe tapping that is reminiscent of lovable 50’s pop.

Listen below and for more information on Sheppard check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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