Solid Performance by Brick + Mortar

Starting around 8:30pm, a guy and a girl from Hurley took the stage. After a little humorous banter and a word of thanks to those who made the show possible, Brandon Asraf and Jhon Tacon came out. Asraf ushered the crowd to the center of the room calling out everyone who was standing in the back. Armed with only a bass, drums, and a sound, the twosome opened a force upon the audience that was felt throughout the concert hall.

While the turn out was kind of weak, that didn’t stop the band from playing a rip roaring, ferocious set. The twosome rocked the crowd with an ill good time. Everyone was dancing and singing along; you could tell the bulk of the audience was out in support the hometown group.

The room was ablaze with the powerful, body rocking bass and drum samples. They ended their set with the heavy hitting “Bangs.” The send off was amazingly intense and hypnotic. Brick + Mortar is a driving force that you can only experience in person.

For more information on Brick + Mortar check out their official website, Facebook, MySpace,and Twitter pages.

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