Walk The Moon Land at Mercury Lounge

We here at ESBMusic were really excited to be able to catch Walk the Moon‘s release party this past Tuesday. We have been a fan of the band ever since we caught their set at Lollapalooza back in 2011. This time it was an intimate gathering at Mercury Lounge in NYC.

The show opened with Philadelphia quintet, Vacationer. Familiar with the band, we were excited to see them live and I am happy to say we were not let down. Their laid back relaxing vibe was a cool breeze on a hot summer night. The quintet delivered some dream pop that got the crowd going. They played a great set that included songs from their current album Gone.

Vacationer dismantled and some guys took the stage to start setting up for Walk the Moon. From the way that all the girls in the crowd were taking frantic photos I realized that it must have been the band. They continued to work feverishly putting all their equipment together until it was set.

Unfortunately, they still had to do a sound check. After what seemed like an eternity, The Cincinnati, OH quartet was ready to rock, but not until they put on their face paint on to match the faces in the crowd.

They opened with the climactic “Liftaway.” The crowd was instantly in-sync with the band. They were loving everything that was dished out to them. They played a majority of songs off their new album including fan favorites like “Quesadilla,” “Jenny” “Lisa Baby,” and “Next In Line.” They debuted their new song “Tete-a-Tete” which was an upbeat number that the fans were digging.

The crowd was vibing and dancing around. The guys on stage were bursting with happiness and excitement that was evident on the huge smiles on their faces when they played. Everyone fed off the loving intensity of the crowd. The energy was high and everyone was having a great time.

This was a great show. That long set up was well worth it because they sounded amazing.

For more information on Walk the Moon, check out their official website, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook pages. If you’re at Governor’s Ball Tomorrow, be sure to check them out!

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