Song of the Day: “Liquid Smooth” by Mitski

Today’s song is “Liquid Smooth” by Mitski. The NY singer has a worldly past living in Malaysia, The Democratic Republic of Congo, The Czech Republic, Taiwan, China, Turkey, Japan and now the U.S. Showcasing a voice comparable to velvet, and oozing with dark romance, emerging singer/songwriter Mitski has plans to dominate the alternative music charts. This song is off Mitski’s first and latest album Lush.

Mitski holds many talents including expertise in the piano and the Japanese Taiko drums. With a unique approach and distinctive sound, the “Liquid Smooth” singer wrote, arranged, produced and performed all songs on the album with a little help from some friends. All nine songs on Lush are endowed with resilient character peeling back layers of Mitski to reveal a soft-hearted, unwavering individual. The artist sings about “the little things in life that break your heart, sex, and how some things you just can’t do anything about,” said Mitski.

She is influenced by an array of artists in different genres such as Björk, Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash, M.I.A and Japanese artist Shiina Ringo. “Björk opened up a world of music to me. Her music taught me how there are a million different ways to put sounds and thoughts together, and that music doesn’t actually have to sound like anything that’s been traditionally accepted as music,” Mitski said.

Listen below and for more information on Mitski check out her official website, bandcamp, and Facebook pages.

“Liquid Smooth”

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