Song of the Day “Get Away” by The Lights Out

Today’s song is “Get Away” by The Lights Out. Boston rockers will be releasing a track every week to get fans excited about their upcoming LP On Fire. This week ESBMusic is featuring the exclusive track, which is sung by NJ native Adam Ritchie.

As for the track, Adam Ritchie says this, “This is what happens when you’ve gotten the thing you worked for, routine creeps in and instead of just enjoying it, you’re weighed down by a single track stretching into the future. You’ve been in one place longer than expected, and miss the unnatural vividness of when you first arrived, like Naomi Watts in ‘Mulholland Drive,’ when she gets to L.A. So you go off on these bite-sized adventures to distract yourself from the fear of staleness. At the same time, you acknowledge the good that’s come from your work, and consider those adventures might be more than temporary escapes; they could also be a necessary part of growing your perspective and uncovering new mountains to climb in your own backyard. It’s is a song for restless people who only feel at home when they’re in motion.”

Listen below and for more information on The Lights Out check out their official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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