Midnight Mosaic ‘Fetish’ Album Review

Rarely, are bands that incorporate different genres successful at producing a cohesive sound and much less an album. However, New Jersey natives Midnight Mosaic are the exception, who with their new EP Fetish manage to bring to the forefront a new sound mixing hip-hop, folk, country and R&B.

Tracks like the opener “Victorious (L.M.N.H)” and the third track “Sex Soldier,” display how Midnight Mosaic bring something new to the music industry with a new cool, yet at the same time almost retro sound. It is this mix of the old and the new that will gain this band many fans in those that search for good drumming, guitar and lyrics in an industry that is currently flooded with bass drops and auto tune.

Reminiscent of classic bands like the Police and Rush, Midnight Mosaic is a band whose sound one cannot judge from the first listen but grows on the ears by the second or third listen. This five song EP is a return to the roots of real music with a raw and refreshing sound.

The closing track titled “Fear No Audience” closes off a great introduction to this band that truly does not fear an audience or critic. Their music gives the listener the feeling of a live performance; one that would be packed with energy and some remarkable tunes.

For more information on Midnight Mosaic check out their official website, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter pages.

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