Song of the Day: “Ain’t Dubbin My Goodbyes” by Tom Vek

Today’s song is “Ain’t Dubbin My Goodbyes” by Tom Vek. Raised in south-west London, Vek originally trained in graphic design and it was during this time he wrote and recorded his debut album, We Have Sound. The album was released on the cusp of the information age with social-networking sites such as MySpace enabling anyone to release their music into the public domain, and artists being able to document their every thought and move. In this era of information overload, Vek remained a mysterious figure, prompting the creation of multiple fan sites and Facebook pages all dedicated to the whereabouts and happenings of the enigmatic musician. And now, after a five-year disconnection the urban legend-esque speculations and debates can be put to rest this past summer as Vek released Leisure Seizure.

Listen below and for more information on Tom Vek check out his official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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