Luke Rathborne Double EP Review

Looking for the perfect track to add to your semi-sweet, end-of-summer mix tape? Look no further, Luke Rathborne offers just that. The more people who hear this, the more mixes it will unmistakably land on.

With a split-EP released thus far in his career, Dog Years and I Can Be One, Rathborne tests his skills at a few styles. In general, Dog Years is the more upbeat sing-a-long. And with catchy lyrics like, “Hang on my wayward baby” and a few “ sha-la-la-lalalaaaas” you’re sure to be singing the words soon. “Tie Your Hands Down” even possesses a bit of a country twang; it ends the EP differently and interestingly in under two minutes.

I Can Be One illustrates a more gentle Rathborne. It is unexpectedly soft, turn up the volume to hear every sweet note. The singer’s voice delicately hangs on, sending chills at particular moments. The piano is forceful, truly emphasizing every feeling, especially in the title-track “I Can Be One.” This EP shows us a more solemn Rathborne.

The split-EP lyrics are straightforward, relatable, not too obscure. Life is tough, and Rathborne explores that. This is one act I am anxious to see live.

For more information on Luke Rathborne please check out his official website, Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get now Dog Years and I Can Be One on iTunes!

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