Song of the Day: “Violin Case” by Point Juncture

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Nelson
Today’s song is “Violin Case” by Point Juncture, WA. This song is the first single off the band’s new full-length Handsome Orders. Point Juncture, WA., is a collaboration between four Portland, Oregon songwriters, instrumentalists, recording engineers, and friends: Amanda Spring (vocals, drums) Victor Nash (keyboards, vocals) Skyler Norwood (guitar, vibraphone) and Wilson Vediner (guitar). The foursome live together in a house they purchased as a band and jointly own. Point Juncture, WA grows a lot of their own food, and camps on tour, cooking said food over campfires. Point Juncture, WA transformed a dilapidated barn on their property into a state-of-the-art, Dwell Magazine-worthy recording studio with their own hands so that they could have the perfect environment in which to create their newest full-length, Handsome Orders. Point Juncture, WA has always recorded their own albums, and they’ve printed their own records. This song is a rocking gem with pop and high energy melodies that are a burst of effervescence.

Listen below for more information on Point Juncture check out their official website, MySpace, and Facebook, pages. Don’t forget to get the band’s album here!

“Violin Case”

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