Going To Coachella? Check Out the Creators Project

Photo credit Felipe Morozine
The Creators Project is a global cultural and technology initiative by Vice and Intel to support emerging artists across the world. This year it launched a multimillion dollar initiative dubbed The Studio to collaborate with artists and produce original works.

At Coachella this year The Studio will debut, unveiling a number of huge works. As part of their creative partnership with Coachella, The Creators Project commissioned several artistic collaborations between some of today’s foremost musical and creative talents. Their task was to conceive of new audiovisual experiences to enhance and re-imagine musical performance, creating new ways of interacting with and enjoying the musical art form. An innovative, futuristic display of multimedia art is about to be born on the Coachella grounds. Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Interpol and more have jumped on board to create visually and sonically stunning interactive art installations that will be taking over Coachella, allowing the audience to be become part of the show. Utilizing state-of-the-art lighting, video and audio technology, the audience is transformed into living art and redefines how a music festival can be experienced. This is art with no bounds and will be a truly unmatched experience for those lucky enough to be at Coachella this year – music and visual art will sync up in ways you could never imagine! And the main stage will be econstructed into an impressive display of architectural prowess.

The Creators Project is providing the resources through The Studio to emerging artists! The Studio will transform The Creators Project in 2011 from a celebration of creativity into a benefactor that provides artists with the resources, technology and assistance to make original works and facilitate collaboration with other artists. The works will then be distributed through a variety of channels including traveling international exhibits, museums, concerts and digital platforms. Participants will retain intellectual property rights.

“We created The Studio because the status quo in media right now is a tragedy,” said Vice Founder Shane Smith. “Whether it’s in film, music or the fine arts, a lack of access to production and distribution has left some young artists disenfranchised and frustrated. The Creators Project created The Studio to show the world that there is another model for supporting creativity, a model where the artist and the artwork come first. To show our commitment we will produce and distribute artworks globally while allowing The Studio artists to own, forever, any of the work that they create for us.”

For more information on the program. Check out www.thecreatorsproject.com.

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