Review: Red Wanting Blue – The Movie, You Might Cry…

Review: Red Wanting Blue - The Movie, You Might Cry...

“These Magnificent Miles: On the Long Road with Red Wanting Blue” is a documentary about the hardest working rock band in America – Red Wanting Blue. This movie follows band members Scott Terry, Greg Rahm, Mark McCullough, Eric Hall, Eddie Davis and Dean Anshutz as they record their eighth self‐produced album and hit the road in search of the rock and roll dream they’ve had since they were kids.

I’ve been a fan of RWB for a few years now and one of the things I always think whenever I see this band live is “Why aren’t they on the radio? How come more people don’t know about this fabulous band?” This touching film reveals just how difficult it is to be a touring indie band and portrays life on the road (for better and for worse). This DVD really touched me (it made me teary-eyed) as a music enthusiast who loves to see a happy ending for the underdog, I loved every “magnificent mile”!

The movie profiles each band member and features interviews with OAR and past members of Red Wanting Blue, plus never‐before‐seen concert footage of Red Wanting Blue! Includes Red Wanting Blue’s top songs like “Where You Wanna Go,” “Vegas,” “Probably Nothing,” “Gravity,” and “Finger In The Air.” It also includes two bonus music videos for “Venus 55” and “Where You Wanna Go”.

“These Magnificent Miles” was directed and produced by Ken Davenport an acclaimed Broadway producer. Ken fell in love with Red Wanting Blue over 5 years ago when he got dragged to see a cast member’s “boyfriend’s band”. Although he was skeptical after many years of seeing “emerging” artists in NYC, he went anyway and he was instantly hooked.

Director’s Statement:

But it wasn’t because that their music sounded better than half the songs I heard on the radio. It wasn’t because they delivered the most energetic live shows I’ve ever seen. And It wasn’t because after the show, they spent time talking to every single one of their fans, many which had followed them from their home state of Ohio just to see their New York City show.

It was because after it was all done, and the fluorescent lights came on in that dingy East Village club, they packed up their own instruments, loaded up their always breaking down bus, and drove off to the next town to do another show . . . just like they had been doing for the past thirteen years.

Bands like Red Wanting Blue usually have a shelf life of 2‐3 years at most if they don’t hit it big, and land that elusive record deal. But something was not only keeping this band together, but something was keeping this band going mile after magnificent mile in hopes of someday seeing their dreams come true.

So, I went along for the ride.

“These Magnificent Miles: On the Long Road with Red Wanting Blue” is available for $19.99 on or you can win a copy from us – here.

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