Song of the Day: “Really Realize” by Lab Coast

Song of the Day: "Really Realize" by Lab Coast

Today’s song is “Really Realize” by Lab Coast. Lab Coast is a band from Calgary, formed in late 2008 by David Laing and Chris Dadge (Bug Incision Records, Phil Withers, Bent Spoon Duo, Jay Crocker, etc). After a year’s worth of home recordings were amassed, Dice Parks (Ox, Jane Vain & The Dark Matter) and Scott Munro (Ghostkeeper, Chad van Gaalen, Gunther) joined the band. Their first album, Wilding was initially self-released, and was reissued through Scotch Tapes. Over the summer of 2010, the band recorded two songs for a split 7” EP with Extra Happy Ghost, which was released to critical acclaim on Saved By Vinyl. Their most recent collection of songs, Pictures on the Wall, is out now on Portland’s Eggy Records, and readily downloadable (iTunes, etc).

Listen below and for more information on Lab Coast check out their MySpace, Facebook pages. Get Pictures on the Wall now on iTunes!

“Really Realize”

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