Chris Young The Rapper “Touch the Stars” Video Featuring Rossy

Bananabeat Records’ premier artist, Chris Young The Rapper, recently collaborated with singer Rossy to form the duo ‘Vibe’. Friday, March 4th marks the date of their first official video, “Touch the Stars”. The track was composed and recorded two years ago as Rossy strummed an acoustic guitar and Young freestyled over the progression in a University of Arizona dorm room. Recognizing that they really had something, the two decided to release a video of the effort on Facebook.

“The overwhelming support and encouragement that came out of that viral release really motivated me to dedicate myself to a career rapping,” said Young.
In preparation for Chris Young The Rapper’s latest release, “Value Pack 2: Cream & Sugar,” the duo decided to hit the studio and revamp the recording and video for “Touch the Stars.” Check out the official video at and look for Value Pack 2, available April 1. For more information on Chris Young The Rapper please visit

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