What’s the World Without Enigma? A WCG Album Review

Who is the Windy City Gentleman? What type of music does he sing? What does this music sound like? These are three important questions that need to be answered within any good album, or even song review. However, these are not easy questions to answer, if they can be answered at all. The gentleman is currently based in California, has Chicago referenced in his name, and either Geisha’s or cocaine referenced in their album name. Then there’s the music, which borders on punk. But never really fully crosses over into the genre. Alternative rock seems to be the only option then, given its vague naming and lack of firm definition, other than different rock music. The music sounds like someone that can play punk chords, but doesn’t truly believe in the sound so chooses to play songs a different way.

“Ethanol” has firm chords that keep leading into a softer chorus that is just flat out appealing in the sense that you keep expecting this overdone chorus and never get it. Every song, other than the soft throughout, “Good Old Friend”, zigs when you expect it to zag. Driven bass lines keep leading on the listener, as he continues to transfer into genuine, unforced choruses. “Hey Mister!” is the only song I can really put an association into, it rings a little of the Von Bundies, while still not quite raising over the top. This is the enigma of Windy City Gentleman, I’m still not quite sure what he is, but six songs later, I know that I’m a fan, and am certainly not alone.

For more information on Windy City Gentleman check out his official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get his album China White now on iTunes!

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