Ivan & Alyosha Album Review: ‘Fathers Be Kind’

Innovation and invention permeate all walks of life these days, technology ruling our lives like a cold lifeless albatross hanging over our necks. Social networking has somehow made us less social, television has made us numb and even our music, synthesized through moog and distortion, is often found still and lifeless, devoid of flesh and blood and replaced with digitized emotion packaged for ready consumption by the eager masses. When something with a heartbeat comes along it can be uncomfortable, like passing an old lover in the street and locking eyes for a split second, only to have the moment last for the next week. You don’t want to feel it but you have no choice. It can hurt but you know you must embrace the embrace.

Ivan & Alyosha are warm and inviting, deeply personal yet accessible to all. Kind of like Thanksgiving. It’s like hot apple pie and with vanilla ice cream melting down the sides, comfort food on a comfortable day. Carefree and inspired their music is, stimulated by eager eyes for a better world. Naïve? Maybe. But without a little naiveté we become quickly jaded, each day a struggle more than the next. Lead members Tim Wilson and Ryan Carbary have perfected their craft and are joined by three new members on their new EP, one of which is Tim’s brother, Pete.

But family is no stranger to Ivan & Alyosha, with their moniker derived from the lead characters in Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov, and singing about life, love and family through songs like “Fathers Be Kind” and “Living for Someone.” Expecting our first child/Amid the Great Recession Wilson sings on the latter, voicing relatable concerns about raising a family in hard times. You are not living for yourself/But you are living for something else, Wilson reminds himself and his listeners throughout. Selflessness is a rarity today, and it’s worth recognition when found. Hats off to these fellas who are doing things the right way, restoring a pulse when all life seemed to be lost.

For more information on Ivan & Alyosha check out their MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get Fathers Be Kind now on iTunes!

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