The not so Private Life of David Reed

When you type in, “the private life of,” into Google, “The Private Life of David Reed” is only eighth on the search engine’s projected list. While this list may be based upon popularity, it is certainly not related to talent, especially with “the private life of cows” ranking above Mr. Reed. A member of the band Closer for several years, this is Reed’s first attempt at going solo. While clearly a rookie as a solo artist, Reed’s musical chops are very evident in his ability to convey meaning within his songs, despite their ranging sounds. “Sad Day” has a bit of that energetic rock sound, while “The Difference” is a slow, heartfelt song; despite being two very different sounding tracks, they each demonstrate Reed’s sense of knowing how to combine lyrics and melodies into a strong package.

However, as grand as this ability is, it is still clear that Reed is a raw talent within this specific showing. Not the best singer in the genre, noticeable in songs like “November”, Reed still manages to succeed in producing a quality song through performance, and not necessarily skill. With a little more guidance and some vocal tuning, it’s not unreasonable to think that David Reed can become a household name within the next five years. “The Private Life of David Reed” tells listeners two things about the man the album is named after; one: David picked the right time to head off on his own, and two: “The Private Life of David Reed” should at least be top three on Google’s projected search list.

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