TimPermanent makes the world a better place


I’ve really fallen for TimPermanent, yet it’s been an odd kind of romance. When I first heard his music, I wasn’t exactly impressed. I passed over it quickly and moved on with life. It was like meeting the love of your life when he or she is a dork. You don’t realize your attraction right away, but something takes a hold of you and you can’t get them out of your head. I knew I felt something when I found myself singing it all. the. time.

Yup, that is what TimPermanent’s music is like. It’s quirky and wonderful and difficult to classify but it draws you in.  One of the things I enjoy the most is the message behind the music. It’s inspiring in a non-cheezy way. To make things even better and more inspirational, TimPermanent even did an ‘It Gets Better’ video.

Here is an artist who wants to leave a very specific message—to be yourself and embrace it. Everything he does supports it, from performing at Pride alongside Adam Lambert, to making music that is adventurous pop/electronica. I really really think it’s fucking awesome.

Check out his new EP Marker. Get it? TimPermanent Marker. It’ll make you wanna dance your troubles away. Find him here or on Facebook.

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