Robyn, Snoop and the Time Space Continuum

In an unparalleled breakthrough in modern quantum physics, Robyn discovered a tear in the time-space continuum with her latest release, Body Talk Part II. Incorporating 80’s disco dance with modern production technology, the album is sonically crisp with a aerodynamic throwback soundscape, one reminiscent of a simpler time filled with feathered hair and too much leather, much like compadre La Roux.

Woven behind Robyn’s golden pipes spreads a threaded backdrop, sizzling with effervescent synthesizers rising and falling through the ether like bubbles through shaken club soda. Scorching club beats boom and bap, eerie effects drift and drab and unidentified flying oscillations twinkle in the moonless night. So lush it can overwhelm, sonic wavelengths weave intricate patterns built upon sheer velocities of tone.

Hitting like a ton of bricks, “We Dance To The Beat” cuts through the brush and slams minimalism in your face. Robyn repeatedly chants, “we dance to the beat” over a club-next-door pulse. Eventually, the track leads into the anthemic hotpot, “Criminal Intent,” which in turn leads into the biggest ball-buster of them all.

Out comes the top dog of them all, a player amongst pimps, the one and only Snoop De Oh Double Gee. Yeah, Snoop Dogg. That’s right. Hell yeah. Definitely didn’t see this coming. But with all the crazy collabs these days (Snoop and Katy Perry for Pete’s sake), how could you really be that surprised. Snoop sounds as illmatic as usual, his silky smooth delivery effortlessly painting the sporadic beat.

“U Should Know Better” (the Snoop collab), an acoustic album finale and countless vocal styles employed by Robyn throughout the album (the best being her quasi-rap alongside Snoop) show how versatility and endless raw talent can take her far. Very far.

For more information on Robyn check out her official website. Get her albums BodyTalk Part I and II now on iTunes.

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