what’s A Moment’s Worth? quite a lot

For a band that has only been around for around six years A Moment’s Worth has the sound of a band going on their sixth or seventh album. In reality Start Where You Are is only the fourth album from the Bronx, NY quintet. Listening to each song it is clear that A Moment’s Worth is a band who knows exactly who they are with each song carrying a touch of effortlessness. Songs like “6 a.m.” and “Favorite Song” are undeniably indie rock songs but don’t sound like every other song on the radio. Sadly this is both a blessing and a curse as the band currently doesn’t have the radio weight that it should. In this album, however, they have their best chance to become the band that they should be and the recognition their refined music is void of.

The band is playing Webster Hall this Sunday, September 19th with Allister. For more information on the band check out their official website, MySpace, Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. Get Start Where You Are now on iTunes!

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