Emii Will Release “Mr Romeo” Mid-September

Emii will be releasing the follow up song to her hit single “Magic” next month. The new song is called “Mr. Romeo” and has Emii lusting after her dream guy, Mr. Romeo. Will she get bitten’ by love?

Two critically acclaimed DJ’s will remix “Mr. Romeo”, Seamus Haji and MikeRizzo. Haji has become synonymous with quality and his DJ sets are legendary, he is a technical wizard and his production is phenomenal. Rizzo has been DJing for over 20 years and infuses the best parts of his historic run of house club mixes with progressive/house influences.

Emii has been taking the world by storm. Her video for “Magic” has received over 1.5 million views on YouTube. She has performed on ABC Grand Rapids, ABC Buffalo, ABC Chicago, ABC Las Vegas, FOX Connecticut, FOX Austin, FOX Grand Rapids Michigan, Fox San Diego, ABC San Diego and more are scheduled. and can been seen on Fuse TV and MTV’s LOGO network.

Additionally, Emii received continued support from radio stations coast to coast including Chicago’s KISS 103.5, San Francisco, Grand Rapids, Texas, New York and more!

If you haven’t picked up Emii‘s debut EP Magic it is now available on iTunes. You can purchase it HERE!

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