Rocking Under the Radar: Anthony Walker

When Did He Start? 2008

Who Is He? This NJ native began as a one man show with an acoustic guitar. Recently, he began playing with a group of musicians dubbed The Medicine Chest which has given his music a new dimension. In addition to winning an Asbury Music Award for Top Male Acoustic Act in 2007, in 2008 Anthony was nominated for five Asbury Music Awards: Top Male Acoustic Act, Top Male Vocalist, Top Pop Band, Local Release of the Year (“When Strangers Say Hello”) and Song of the Year (“Lucky Numbers”). Has opened for Ingram Hill, Griffin House, Ingrid Michaelson, Nicole Atkins, The Parlor Mob, and Under the Influence of Giants.

Why Should You Care? This Jersey native’s latest EP emits three tracks of heartening slow paced and smooth folksy rock. The opening track “Hope This Helps” incorporates a beautiful melodies of strings and “Rosie” has a likable country twang.

What Does He Have to Say?

  • “There’s no shadow hanging over me now/There’s a surge in this wandering tide/There’s a world outside/And it spins on its own” – Lyric from “Song for the Willing”
  • “All the time, when time runs out/ think only of the power that surrounds you/ The day is done and the lights go out/ You reach out into the emptiness around you” – Lyric from “Rosie”

How Does He Sound?

  • “Song for the Willing”

  • “The Sundowners”

For more information on the Anthony Walker check out his official website and get The Sea Goes on Forever now on iTunes!

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Hey Alison…

Here are the lyrics for the EP. If you need anything else please let me know.
Song For The Willing

Invited by the gale
The sea goes on forever
You should open your sails
Carry my song
We’ll talk of tomorrow
And it won’t be too long

Hope can be filling
And mountains can fall
If you are willing
And standing as tall

There’s no shadow hanging over me now
There’s a surge in this wandering tide
There’s a world outside
And it spins on its own

Call to the sun
An ode to the morning
There’s battles to be won
Our eyes full of sleep
The colors of the ocean
Seem so cool and so deep

There’s no sense in crying
For what has been spilt
Have no fear of dying
Because someday you will


Meet me out
Where summer ends
Oh, the leaves they were falling when I found you
You flew so low
When you came down
The sky never bothered to announce you

You spent ten thousand miles on the run
And the radio whined for each one

Rosie, I am not like you
Because a part of me can’t stand it in this place
Rosie, half of what I do
Is like a big long list of why I ought to stay
I’m not the one you want
But I’m trying anyway

All the time, when time runs out
I think only of the power that surrounds you
The day is done and the lights go out
You reach out into the emptiness around you

I Hope This Helps

You’ve been wounded in battle
You’ve been talking in rhyme
You found patience in waiting
For some call or for some sign

Someday you’ll rise
The ice will melt
You’ll peak and you’ll smile at the hand you are dealt
That day will come
And you’ll see for yourself
But for now,
I hope this helps

You were stranded and troubled
You were lost and confined
You were watching for someone
To turn back the hands of time

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