Plastiq Passion Achieves Mediocrity

Plastiq Passion is respectable. The four ladies comprising are all quite talented and exude a clear ‘passion’ for their craft. But the actual music? Discernible it is not. I’m sorry to say, but there are too many talented artists out there, that, yes, it has become a crowded field of genre do-the-sames who make music that they like to listen to, but sadly offer nothing innovative, nothing worthy of our precious time.

I love when people do what they love, follow their dreams and pursue their passions. Where that deep emotional bridge is often felt the most is in the live shows, where fiery bands can bring a house down without being groundbreaking or original. But in an age where music travels as fast as the your internet connect, it is all important to offer more on a recording, something that will make listeners wait on their toes for the next output.

Now, Plastiq Passion does a nice job with their take on post-punk-pop, holding tight grooves together with driving beats, spatial, shimmering guitars and vocal melodies galore. But honestly, when listening to them I can’t help but think, “this sound a lot like Tokyo Police Club… just not as good.” So why, then, would I not just quickly change my iPod over to A Lesson In Crime, and get it where its good? I see no good reason. But, maybe you will.

If you’re a pop-punk enthusiast, there’s definitely a good chance you’ll be into Plastiq Passion. If you just can’t get enough, give em a shot and they just may be your next go-to. But if you’re a genre skimmer, searching for the top of the crop in all that today’s music has to offer, you should probably pass.

For more information on Plastiq Passion check out MySpace and get their music now on iTunes.

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