Someone sign this guy please-Levi Kreis


Levi Kreis is amazing. What kind of unsigned independent artist debuts #42 on the iTunes Top Pop Album Charts alongside Pink & Kelly Clarkson, has a #1 video on, and has the spare time to win a Tony!? Levi Kreis does.

His latest album Where I Belong takes his down home southern soul to new heights by giving it pop wings. “Gonna Be Alright” is a standout on the album and a well-chosen first single. Throughout the album, Levi’s voice is brimming with intensity, filling each melodic line with a genuineness that is heart-warming. There is a definitive Gospel influence that makes its way onto the album as well, but it doesn’t feel out of place or forced. It is a gentle accompaniment to an album that shows the expanses of Levi’s talent.

Definitely check this one out. You might even find that you’re already familiar with some of the songs due to the placements that they have already received. Find him here or on Facebook.

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