Show Review: True Margrit at the Echoplex


True Margrit is a San Francisco based trio who recently released The Juggler’s Progress, a cerebral foray into rhythmic piano pop.

The group is instantly set apart from other piano singer songwriters because of Margrit Eichler’s one-of-a-kind voice. Let me put it you this way, if her voice were a road, it would be rocky and very texturally interesting, maybe a bit unpleasant at times (not due to any fault in technique, mind you), but it would guide you through the most beautiful overlooked landscape you had ever seen, so that when looking back at the experience, you would remember the lovely ride and not the individual bumps.

I got to experience her most memorable idiosyncrasy at their recent tour stop at the Echoplex in Echo Park, CA last week. When Margrit plays the piano she doesn’t just play the piano, she, um “plays” with the piano. As in, she unabashedly mounts it to play a few chords for their song “500 Years.” Needless to say, the crowd loved it.

Now, the piano-humping was not the best part of the performance, but it really established that True Margrit is the kind of band that is not only smart and insightful, but doesn’t take itself too seriously, an awesome quality. Actually, to tell you the truth, between the band’s chemistry, the quirky lyrics, Margrit’s voice, the stage antics, and the bouncy music, I really couldn’t tell you what part of the show was the best—I loved it all.

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