Youths Sounds keeps the music alive in the oily gulf


Youth Sounds is a family affair from New Orleans and their effortless chemistry is responsible for their polished indie sound. The songwriting is elegant and done right without a pretentious displays of talent. I suppose that is what is so charming about the band, really. Something about the band’s aura is tastefully restrained, with every note beautifully executed, in the right place at the right time, and nothing else.

Even their debut EP, The Bit Parts, displays just three essential songs, each one being just as strong as the other. No filler, no excess. It’s refreshing and underwhelming, quite the opposite of what many of us are used to, no doubt. Rather than attacking listeners with an in-your-face gimmicky display, the band opts for a gentle whisper, and rather than being easy to ignore, the songs are patiently seductive. I swear their spell is working because I’m sure I’m not the only waiting on the edge of my seat ready to take in whatever little ditty they cook up next.

Listen to their stuff here and visit them on Facebook.

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