Snow and Voices ‘Anything That Moves’

Vocalist Lauri Kranz and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jebin Bruni comprise Snow & Voices. The duo released their third album, Anything That Moves, this past May.

The nine-track release displays emotionally-driven ballads, equally dedicated to both the breathtaking and agonizing aspects of human relationships. The metaphors intrigue the senses. For example, Kranz confesses “I am the black heart of desire,” during the fourth track, “I Am A Storm.” Lyrics like this leave the listener puzzled, but offer the opportunity to believe what they want of the ambiguous claim. A musician’s ability to compose a song that can be appreciated from multiple perspectives is a noteworthy skill. During each track, Kranz’s delicate voice gently floats through the airwaves. Paired with Bruni’s skill on the keyboard, the result is a sensuous and undeniably meaningful experience, for both the listener and the artist.

At times the softness of Anything That Moves establishes a struggle for the listener to find the vocals, as in the song “Mistress.” Hence, the high-pitched vocals become the album’s downfall. Listeners yearn for texture, and instead are left with a feeling of anticipation because there lacks a sense of entirety, or completion. In general, it seems as though the album fixes to feature Bruni’s musical talents more than Kranz’s vocal abilities.

Overall, Anything That Moves is poignant, yet cautious; Snow & Voices kept the gentleness they were successful with in the past. For more information on Snow & Voices check out their official website and get it now on iTunes.

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