Last Nights Vice: Todays Opening Act, Tomorrow’s Headliner

After listening to the first half of Last Nights Vice you may think that they are some Panic at the Disco! or Fall Out Boy replica band, but last songs on the album prove the opposite. The five member band out of St. Louis seems to be suffering an identity crisis through most of their album. As much as LNV wants to sound different and unique with songs such as “At Sunset She Strips” and “Coming Home” they too often fall back into cliché electro rock sounds. “The Power Cosmic” is the perfect example of this flaw; the track plays like a cheesy Cali-Rock song that leaves LNV sounding more like an opening act rather than the main event.

As a listener it’s very easy to feel conflicted after listening to LNV first album. On one hand you feel as if you’ve just heard the next big thing in the alternative music scene. Sadly on the other hand so many of the songs feel like replayed version of older songs that you can’t even tell whether you heard one or four songs. Since this is their first album LNV deserve a pass and still show enough promise that with some well placed growth can achieve definite fame. Last Nights Vice have shared the stage with some top tier bands through their early touring days and one day may be just be one of those top tier bands themselves.

For more information on Last Nights Vice check out their official website and get their debut album Perfect Little Noise on 8.31.10. on iTunes and other online retailers.  The local release will be on 8.27.10 at their record release party where you can get an advanced copy of the record.

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