Album Review- American Classic ‘Life is Motion’

Homegrown New Jersey band American Classic jumps head first into the indie music scene with their debut EP Life is Motion. This five track offering to the music loving masses may not be the most innovative debut ever but offers enough to turn heads and make record companies take notice of this as of yet unsigned band.

The EP opens with “Mistakes,” a song that seems specifically tailored for angst-ridden teenagers and begins with a half-minute discombobulated intro that fits perfectly into Classic’s style. The downside of that intro (which I’m sure sounds amazing live) is that new listeners to the band will almost immediately hate or love them. The third track “As Mine” is a much mellower and slower tempo song than the rest of the EP and would almost surely be a radio hit if it was done completely acoustic, but the double electric guitars and bass distract away from the superbly done vocals and emotional resonance that the other songs lack. The other three tracks have no outstanding qualities that are worth mentioning other than the four band members know how to play their instruments and go through the motions as any up-and-coming band should.

American Classic shows promise and just might make a great addition to New Jersey’s already illustrious musical canon. Life Is Motion is a great start for a band just starting to figure themselves out, and if they break away from their more generic tunes and focus on the songs that really mean something to them (like As Mine) then I can’t wait for their next release.

For more infomration on American Classic check out MySpace and pick up Life is Motion on iTunes or online at now.

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