Runner Runner Comes Up Aces

Runner Runner’s self-titled album may be their first, but it definitely doesn’t sound like it, and will most certainly not be their last. Based out of California the five member group largely comes by way of the east coast, with three members haling from Virginia roots, and a fourth from the Garden State. Only the group’s bassist, Jon Berry can claim to be a California native.

Despite honing their musical talents in varied locations Runner Runner produces a cohesive punk-pop sound that rivals some of the top acts in the genre. There is no doubt that as Runner Runner continues to garner attention, the number of teenage girls swooning over their love songs will increase tenfold.

While band’s musical abilities cannot, and should not be challenged, their lyrical range is a little narrow. Most songs seem to take one of two paths; either the character in the song has found the perfect girl (ie: “She’s My Kinda Girl”) or is frustrated about breaking up with a girl (ie: “Life After You”). Not to say that any of the songs are poorly sung or instrumented, just that when listening to the album in its entirety the songs can begin to run together. The one track that is a stand out on the album is also its last, “Running Away” is a slower paced songs that steers away from the albums go to topics and is a welcomed reprieve.

In the end Runner Runner has produced a quality album that deserves every radio play it gets, but still leaves a listener hoping that their next showing displays some needed lyrical growth.

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