Song of the Day: “Be Brave” by The Strange Boys

Today’s song is “Be Brave” by The Strange Boys. The Austin, Texas band has had a phenomenal year, starting with the release of their second album, Be Brave, followed quickly by a US tour with Spoon, including a show at Radio City Music Hall, dates with Julian Casablancas, and more recently, winning over a legion of new fans with their set at Glastonbury.

Ryan Sambol explains the background of the band’s second album, Be Brave:

“We got back from Europe and I worked out the songs that I had already started, wrote some more and sent cassette tapes of the songs to Tim, Jenna and Seth. When they got the tapes they all called me back and said they didn’t know what they were going to play, but they were interested to try. Then the three of us; Greg, Philip and I, drove out from Austin and played a few shows to get to LA. We met up with Tim, Jenna and Seth, went over to our friend John’s house, and rehearsed for a couple hours. The next day, we played FYF Fest, two days later we went to Costa Mesa, and two weeks later we came out with Be Brave.”

Watch the video for the title track below and get it now on iTunes!

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