Robyn Launches First Ever Interactive, 3D Video With Twitter Integration

Robyn has premiered the new web video for “Don’t F*cking Tell Me What to Do” on her website, The video is the first of its kind, a 3D video using no cameras, written entirely in code, with much of the content fed by fans via a Twitter feed. The video is a unique experience with every view as it re- generates with each loading of the URL. The first portion of the video features visualization of Robyn’s lyrics in 3D. The remainder of the video is created by users themselves who tweet in what is killing them using the Twitter hash tag, #killingme. These tweets are themselves visualized and credited to the user. The video has the potential to become the infinite video as users can continue to add on to the endless stream of #killingme comments.

The concept was originally developed by Mary Fagot, Creative Director for Blip Boutique and the web development team at Stopp Web in Stockholm, lead by Project Manager & Creative Thomas Bjork. The Stopp Web development team were experimenting with Anaglyphic 3D at the time, providing a perfect opportunity to visualize all the things that were killing Robyn. The desire to involve fans in an interactive experience lead to the incorporation of the twitter feed to give the chance to see the things that are killing them visualized things in Robyn’s video.

Don’t F*cking Tell Me What To Do is the opening track from Body Talk Pt. 1 which sees Robyn sardonically running through a check-list of guilt-inducing vices- “My drinking is killing me, my smoking is killing me” against a propulsive, glitchy backbeat. It’s half manifesto of what the singer represents and half slacker rant.

“It’s like everyone wants you to be perfect and you’re dreaming of a world where you can do what you want. I guess it’s about the modern world and the stress I think most people in it feel sometimes. It’s a pretentious message so I tried to make it as simple as I could. I’m talking about how I felt when I came off my tour”, she explains.

Listen to the track and try out the video here: Be sure to include the #killingme hash tag after tweeting.

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