Show review for Canadian Pop/Rock marvel Amy Heffernan at Molly Malones


I stopped by to catch Amy Heffernan at Molly Malones recently and had such a good time. From what I hear, she’s doing well in Canada and I can see why. She is such a bouncy spark on stage and put on a fun show.

During her set Amy covered Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues,” injecting the tune with a pop rock edge and some punk rock sass. She also revealed a new song “Dance Ourselves Sober” and if this new song indicates the direction her music is taking, then I’m jumping on the party train.

“The Word” was the most engrossing part of her set. Amy proves that she is just as capable of stirring up debauchery as she is at exposing her soul. For most of the song it was just Amy and her guitar painting every word with subtle emotion. She revealed a scarred spirit and feelings of agony with a reflective honesty that was mesmerizing to watch.

I knew the set was coming to an end when the mood of the room suddenly changed and everyone inched toward the edge of their seats.  As if those in attendance collectively realized, yea, this is what we came for, our favorite part…and then it happened; “Being Awesome.” No doubt her masterpiece. All those with a drink in hand were happily chanting along with her “right now I’m just a drink away from being awesome.”  Looking around at everyone participating and at Amy’s quirky dancing, it made the show, in a word, awesome.

Check her out on Facebook or visit and get her music now on Amy Heffernan.

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