Album Review: Hawthorne Heights Skeletons

Photo Courtesy of Total Assault
Photo Courtesy of Total Assault

Hawthorne Heights has proven once again that they can not be pigeon holed into one genre with the release of Skeletons. With songs ranging from emo to screamo, the band truly lives up to their reputation for being diverse.
Skeletons is the bands first album with their new record company, Wind-up Records. This is also their first album with guitarist, Micah Cali, as unclean vocals. As many fans can remember the bands former unclean vocalist, Casey Calvert, passed away in 2007 from an accidental drug mixture. Hawthorne Heights reopened their wounds from Calvert’s death to write some of the tracks for Skeletons. “Bring You Back” is a heartbreaking song about missing their former band mate. ‘It was the middle of the night when I heard you took your life. You were slowly changing to black and white.’
Some of the songs on the album are slow and melodic, but the band still shakes it up with the fast and harder songs taking advantage of Cali’s unclean vocals. Hawthorne Heights has been through a lot the past few years and they have taken advantage of it to write songs with melodies and lyrics that sick with you well after the songs have ended.

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