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A Million Years is a band that stimulates your senses and rocks your soul. I first saw the Brooklyn based quartet play a stint at the Studio at Webster Hall in NYC in early 2010 when they opened for TV/TV.  I was taken over by their body-shaking, guitar- heavy, indie-rock grooves.

Forming in 2007, A Million Years was born out of jam sessions with various band members in Keith Madden’s (guitar/vocals) bedroom. Eventually the quartet fell into place with Andrew Samaha (bass/vocals), Andrew Vanette (drums/vocals) and Nick Werber (guitar/vocals) as its permanent members. The band has toured extensively throughout the east coast, as well as in venues all around New York City including Bowery Ballroom, Highline Ballroom, Bowery Electric, The Studio @ Webster Hall, and The Mercury Lounge. A Million Years released their first EP Incandescent in 2009 The EP was produced by Shannon Ferguson of the band Longwave who Madden met as a touring guitarist for the band. Their debut album Mischief Maker, also produced by Ferguson, is being released tomorrow, June 1st. The band has been receiving airplay on NYC’s WRXP and are preparing for a national tour to support this month’s album release.

A Million Years is a force to be reckoned with. They have crafted a powerful and exciting sound that incorporates elements of rock, funk, and punk. Their debut album Mischief Maker is an intriguing and intense work of art featuring ethereal, heavy guitars, as well as pop melodies that rock hard. Once you finish listening to the album you will want to play it all over again.

Stand out tracks: “By Yourself,” “Poster Girl,” and “California Smile”

The band will be playing The Studio at Webster Hall for their CD release party, June 18th. If you’re in the NYC area I highly recommend you go to the show as they have an amazing live performance. For more information on the band check them out on MySpace and Facebook and get the album on iTunes when it drops tomorrow!

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