Show Review: Thomas King at Life on Wilshire for Breast Cancer Benefit

Last week, I found myself south of the Sunset strip at a showcase benefiting Breast cancer research. Apart from the costumed characters trolling the room, like Batman, The Mad Hatter and Jack Skelington, the one figure that really stood out to me was Thomas King.

Once he took the stage, I knew Thomas King was a character in his own right. Not only does his height allow him to be larger than life, but he can dance like his life depended on it, without relenting. He also manages to sing as if he was standing still, his voice cutting through the meaningless conversations going on in the room. One by one, you could see heads turning and then approaching the stage to see him dance.

Thomas King’s dance pop music is a made to get bodies moving and his performance solidifies it. If you refuse to dance, he’ll dance enough for everyone, making sure that not once inch of the stage is sparred from his high-energy, dancing wrath.

At the end of the short set, the platinum blonde King closed with Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” playfully commenting that he even wore his Billy Idol wig for the occasion. His next show is on May 10th, 2010 at 9pm in Beverly Hills. For more info visit .

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