Feel Like You’re Going Deaf? Take Magnesium

Feel like your going deaf from too much loud music at concerts and clubs?  Take Magnesium and it might improve your hearing.

When I was in high school and college I would go to countless concerts and clubs where I was exposed to loud decibels. In the moment you never really think about your hearing, you’re just having fun.  Luckily, there may be a treatment to sudden hearing loss.

According to Thorne Research and the Gale Group, “magnesium treatment has been repeatedly shown to reduce the incidence of both temporary and permanent noise-induced hearing loss.”  Their study also found that “more patients treated with magnesium experienced hearing improvement, and at a larger magnitude, than control subjects.”  They concluded that “magnesium is a relatively safe and convenient adjunct to steroid treatment for enhancing the improvement in hearing, especially in the low-tone range, in patients with sudden sensorineural hearing loss.”

Additionally, a 2007 animal study at the University of Michigan, “a combination of high doses of vitamins A, C and E and magnesium, taken one hour before noise exposure and continued as a once-daily treatment for five days, was very effective at preventing permanent noise-induced hearing loss.”

With your summer concert calendar starting to fill up you may want to invest in Magnesium and some earplugs. You can opt to go to the doctor and get them specially made to fit your ears or if you don’t have the money to invest in that you can pick up a cheap disposable pair at your local CVS.

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