Song Of The Day "Love Shakes You Down" by Pete Francis

PF_loveshakesyoudown_vid_LSYDThe SOTD is “Love Shakes You Down” by Pete Francis.  It is the first official single from the upcoming release The Movie We Are In out May 18th. “Love Shakes You Down” is a soulful sing-along produced by Jeff Trott with the familiar Motown bell sounds combined with a string synth, creating a modern and retro sound all at once.  Available on Pete Francis - Love Shakes You Down - Single.

The cute animated video has everything – sharks, helicopters, tacos and of course a love story. This is the first video from Micah Player; Pete liked the look and feel of Micah’s artwork for the album, website, and merch and asked him to try his hand at animating the song. Pete said of the video, “this song is a celebration of love and I feel that the film maker, Micah Player, really captured that. Life can be filled with a lot of challenges and difficult times, but somehow it all seems bearable when love is in the equation.” More of Micah’s work can be found on his site  Watch the video here!

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