Rocking Under the Radar: Wolfmother

Band: Wolfmother

Where Are They From? Sydney, Australia

When Did They Start? 2000

Who Are They? Wolfmother is a band on the cusp of mainstream stardom. They’ve recorded two critically-acclaimed albums of riff-filled hard rock with a bit of a psychedelic twist thrown in, and have launched several successful international tours.

Why Should You Care? Because there are few bands that sound quite like Wolfmother. The band crafts songs off of amazingly robust guitar riffs, topping them off with Andrew Stockdale’s high-pitched vocals belting out trippy lyrics. Their melding of 70s-rock bombast with contemporary grit is often breathtaking, and most of all, extremely punchy with a side of plain old fun.

What Do They Have to Say?

  • “Sister can you tell me when the day turns to night/She left without a word and wondered inside/How many day’s must I still wonder why/And see her face in every passer by” – Lyric from “White Unicorn”
  • “Slipped off into the slip stream/She’s looking for the summer dream/Came down from the mountain/To find another machine ” – Lyric from “California Queen”
  • How Do They Sound?

  • “Woman”
  • “New Moon Rising”
  • Get their albums Cosmic Egg and their self-titled release now on Wolfmother!

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