Ludacris Visits Blocks Across the US in Support of the 2010 Census

Can the 2010 Census change the perception of African Americans (AA) who traditionally distrust Uncle Sam? A $300 million effort, the largest advertising campaign in U.S. government history, plans to do just that by enlisting the help of Grammy award winning recording artist, actor and entrepreneur, Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges who will explain the importance of taking 10 minutes to fill out 10 questions on the Census to young AAs to ensure that their communities receive part of a $400B allotment every year, of federal support. These dollars help maintain bridges, tunnels and public works, emergency services, schools, and job training using Census numbers that stand for 10 years!

Combining star power and credibility, Ludacris will use his voice to reinforce the importance of ‘being counted’ to his fans. “I look at our communities now and I see many empty lots, closed clinics, dilapidated schools and an overall breakdown of social services for the poor and elderly,” says Ludacris. “Today is a day for change. I plan to knock on doors in various neighborhoods around this country to try and dispel any myths about the Census. It’s important that we all stand up and be counted so we can help create potential financial opportunities for our dying communities.”

DraftFCB, NY, the lead agency for the 2010 Census Communications Campaign, has enlisted Globalhue advertising agency (GH), along with production and digital marketer RC-CP, and Disturbing the Peace Records (DTP), to effectively reach the vast nationalities representing the black Diaspora; including the AA, African, Caribbean and Haitian audiences.

To create awareness and motivate this elusive, hard to count demographic who are young, single males (AA males tend to be the most undercounted in the AA community), indifferent females (single with children), the poor and underprivileged, people with criminal issues, and immigrants, this “Viral/Ludacris Webisode” campaign will run from March through April. The outreach includes radio broadcast media, a tour, and a national viral webisode campaign featuring Ludacris.

The 2010 Census Luda on the Block radio and home visit tour is targeting 5 nationwide AA destinations (Dallas 3/19, New Orleans 3/23, NYC 4/5, Washington DC 4/6 and Atlanta 4/9). It gives Ludacris fans an opportunity to log on to participating radio station websites and write how their neighborhoods could benefit from 2010 Census funding. Some fans will be given a chance to meet and discuss the 2010 Census with him in person.

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