Wolfmother Preview "Far Away" Video Photos

Wolfmother will premiere their video for “Far Away” later this month but to give fans a preview of what’s to come the band has released a set of photos straight from the video shoot. Between dates of their recent tour with AC/DC, Wolfmother ducked away to a picturesque location in Sydney to shoot the forthcoming video. If the pictures are any indication of what fans can expect from the video we can safely say that the Sam Stephens of Hydra (Passion Pit “The Reeling and Muse “Uprising” videos) directed video is shaping up to be another epic visual from the Aussie rockers.

To see all the pictures from the set visit; www.wolfmother.com/photos/far_away_video_shoot. “Far Away” is featured on Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg which is in-stores now.

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