OK Go Released From Capital

While rumors are circulating about OK Go being released from Capital/EMI a week before their new album hits, there has been quotes from both the band and label confirming the split.

OK Go has now formed their own independent label, Paracadute Recordings, and will take over all distribution and promotion for their latest album, Of the Blue Color of the Sky, which came out in January. “We’d like to thank the people at EMI Music who have worked so hard on our behalf,” said the band’s Damian Kulash. EMI music has released a cordial statement about the band, wishing them the best in the future. “We’ve really enjoyed our relationship with OK Go. They’ve always pushed creative boundaries and have broken new ground, particularly with their videos. We wish them the greatest success for the future.”

It was also reported that the viral videos did not help to increase album sales. Unfortunately, the huge traffic their videos generated never quite translated into album sales. The band’s best seller was 2005’s Oh No, their second, which included the treadmill hit, “Here It Goes Again,” and sold around 200k, while their latest is languishing at 20k.

While the videos may not have created album sales, you can’t deny the fact that the band generated a ton of buzz and hugely increased their fan base. People aren’t buying music like they used to and now more than ever artists need to figure out new innovative business models for marketing their music to consumers.

I’m interested to see how the band will promote themselves in the future.

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