Fred Schneider Of B-52's To Appear On Howard Stern Monday, February 22nd


Fred Schneider of The B-52’s doesn’t sit around the way some rock n’ roll legends might. To the contrary, Fred is very busy doing what rock stars are supposed to be doing: making music and inspiring the next generation! Fred’s current project, The Superions, is in full swing with the recent release of the trio’s debut self-titled EP, its off-the-wall single, “Who Threw That Ham At Me” and remixes by Casper & The Cookies, Marshmallow Coast, The Lolligags and Ursula 1000.

Inspired by urban myth (the Paula Deen incident is only a happy coincidence!), the song will be spun by Howard Stern on his radio show this coming Monday, February 22nd when the two legends meet for an interview on Stern’s Sirius/XM radio show. Tune in at 8:30 AM to Howard100 to learn how to do the “Disco Garbage Can” and maybe even the “Rock Lobster.”

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