Rocking Under the Radar: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

The rock music scene is home to an immeasurable number of bands and artists, the vast majority of which are not household names. In “Rocking Under the Radar,” I attempt to highlight one of these under-the-radar acts by applying a very basic investigative method. If you want a quick synopsis of a band or artist you may not know about, this is the place to look.

Band: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Where Are They From? Ted Leo is from New Jersey, but the Pharmacists formed out of Washington, D.C.

When Did They Start? The band has been around since 1999.

Who Are They? Ted Leo and the Pharmacists have been bringing a unique brand of punk-meets-indie rock to their burgeoning fan base for over ten years. The band has played festivals and opened for acts ranging from Against Me! to Pearl Jam. Their latest headlining tour, in support of their upcoming album (The Brutalist Bricks), begins in March and runs through U.S. cities until the middle of April.

Why Should You Care? Because Ted Leo was blessed with both a golden voice and a silver tongue. Additionally, the Pharmacists rock no matter what style of music they are playing in a particular song. This is one of those bands that should be a household name, but for some reason just has not received the industry support. They certainly have the songwriting chops, as well as more than enough musical talent, to be a hit with the masses. It’s really a mystery as to why they are still under the radar.

What Do They Have to Say?
– Everyone needs a Sunday some days.” – Lyric from “La Costa Brava”
– “We saw red, not green, when we were nineteen.” – Lyric from “The Anointed One”

How Do They Sound?
– “Me and Mia”

– “Even Heroes Have to Die”

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