Rocking Under The Radar: The Holiday Electric

The Holiday Electric is a five piece band from the NYC area and Boston. The rock quintet is composed of Chris Woods (vocals/guitar), Don Henry (guitar), Mason Frazee (keyboard), Jimmy Pemberton (drums), and Dave Marvuglio (bass). After playing music together on and off for several years, Woods and Henry decided to start a new project. Wanting to make energetic, emotive rock music they enlisted the help of versatile keyboardist Mason Frazee and established Boston musicians Pemberton and Marvuglio. In the winter of 2009, their vision was complete.

The band recently finished recording their debut self-titled EP at Vudu Studios with renowned producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, Jack’s Mannequin). The album delivers a vigorous electrifying blast of rock and pop melodies. This along with the phenomenal vocal range of lead singer, Chris Woods will immerse you upon first listen. The album opens with the attention grabbing “Heart Attack.” This song features infectious rock melodies as well as blaring vocals that make you sit up and take note. The other three songs flow seamlessly and do not disappoint. From the explosion of power chords in “Perfect World” and “Weight In Gold” to the raw, unadulterated vocals on the “Til’ The River Runs Dry,” the rest of the EP dispenses an ample amount of high energy leaving the listener feeling pumped and excited.

Stand Out Tracks: “Heart Attack,” “Perfect World”

The band is offering a FREE download of their debut EP now on their MySpace space.

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