Indie Rock? There's An App For That! Music Map: Indie Rock Review

indie music map splashI recently downloaded this great iPhone application called Music Map: Indie Rock. This app, available in the App Store on iTunes Music Map: Indie Rock for $1.99, is perfect for people that love to find out about new bands.

One of the cool features on this application is the ability to select a region based on a map of the United States. The ‘Music Map’ is divided into Southeast, North Atlantic, North Central, Mountain, Pacific Northwest, and Southwest regions.

Eat Sleep Breathe Music loves anyone who helps promote indie and unsigned artists so we reached out to Melodeo, the company that created this app, to learn more.

ESBM: Melodeo creates many music based apps, the majority seem to be for songs that are Billboard Top 40, what was the initial reason to create the  Music Map: Indie Rock iPhone application that focuses only on independent music?
We like all sorts of music — this was just something some of the team wanted to do for fun. So we did it.indie music map info

ESBM: We love the idea around music from different areas of the country, what made you decide on the “map” feature?
Who doesn’t love a map!? Maps are inherently fun. Clicking on maps is even more fun.

ESBM: How do you ‘hand pick’ the artists and tracks featured in this app?
Melodeo: The folks here who put the app together just picked their favorite stuff from each region to put in. They tried to make it hang together in a coherent way in terms of quality and attitude.

ESBM: Do you feature unsigned bands or is it only artists on independent record labels?
Melodeo: We’ll feature anything as long as we like it. Send us a high-res digital file or a CD.

ESBM: This is an awesome way to promote new and upcoming artists. Do you accept submissions?
Melodeo: Yes, please. See above. More music! Send it! Guaranteed that we’ll listen. If we like it, we’ll put it in the app. At the very least, it will get into the bigger nuTsie system and will be available at and in our nuTsie mobile app.

ESBM: How often is the music updated? And how does this work? Is it a streaming feature like an online radio or is it provided via updating the app?
Melodeo: The music is streaming, so we can (and do) change the programming whenever we want to. Some of our apps, like the iTunes Top 100, are updated weekly.

Get the Music Map: Indie Rock on Music Map: Indie Rock! It’s totally worth the $1.99.

Check out other nuTsie applications in the App Store on iTunes. Music Map: Indie Rock

Music can be submitted to:

Dave Dederer
Melodeo, Inc.
701 Pike Street, Suite 1100
Seattle, WA 98101

2 thoughts on “Indie Rock? There's An App For That! Music Map: Indie Rock Review”

  1. I must say, I do love this app.

    I love listening to the difference between Northwest vs Northeast, etc…and they also have a Top 100 songs that keeps the good stuff easy to find. Nice review, great app.

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