Salme Dahlstrom's Catchy "C'Mon Y'All" Reps Major Ad Campaigns

Photo Courtesy of Fanatic Promotion
Photo Courtesy of Fanatic Promotion

At five-foot-eleven and looking every bit like the Swede she is, Salme Dahlstrom’s music isn’t the only thing that’s noticeable about her. Dahlstrom’s recent single “C’mon Y’All” has been practically inescapable after becoming the sound behind the latest Suave shampoo campaign. Airing during network broadcasts of everything from sporting events to awards shows, the tune has also been picked up to rep Juicy couture. This in addition to spending six weeks on the Billboard dance charts and being featured on The Hills. The attention for “C’mon Y’All” hammers home Dahlstrom’s new found demand as a songwriter and producer who ad execs connect with. The tune is the perfect sing-along shower song, so it’s no wonder its pimping shampoo.

To date, every song from Dahlstrom’s debut album, The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade, has been synced to picture, resulting in a profile in The Wall Street Journal about the accomplishment. At one time or another Dahlstrom‘s songs have been used by brands such as Vodafone, Nike, MTV, Chips Ahoy, Miller Lite, Subaru, Quiznos, Bank of America and TV and films such as One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars, Laguna Beach, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and Ice Age 3.

Like many pop songs that are used to hype products, “C’mon Y’all” started small. Dahlstrom writes, performs and produces her own music in her small NYC studio and while composing her album, Dahlstrom was blissfully unaware of the commercial potential of the music or even of the existence of the licensing game. “The ‘ooh la la’ hook (on ‘C’mon Y’All’) is something I came up with to get my infant daughter to smile,” Dahlstrom explains. “I did not set out to write a song that could be commercially viable. If I knew how to do that I would bottle it. My goal is to write great songs.”

While her music is becoming more well-known (“C’mon Y’All” has already moved thousands of downloads on Salme Dahlstrom since the Suave and Juicy campaigns began), it hasn’t spoiled Dahlstrom’s reasons for doing what she does. “I take music very seriously,” she says, “but I try not to take myself too seriously. I am here to have a good time. My album is meant to be an hour’s escape from the day-to-day. It’s got great sing-a-long choruses and fun, tongue in cheek lyrics with attitude that’ll put a smile on your face.”

Listen to the song below

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