Orianthi Debuts New Music Video Featuring Steve Vai

Long before Orianthi had a smash single, an album burning up the charts, or a gig with the King of Pop, the then 15-year-old prodigy was opening for one of her heroes, the legendary guitarist Steve Vai, at a gig in her hometown of Adelaide, Australia. Since then the two have been close friends and collaborated on the track “Highly Strung,” from Orianthi’s US debut album Believe. Now, Vai and Orianthi appear together in a new music video for “Highly Strung,” which premiered recently on AOL’s Spinner. Check out the video now to watch the two guitarists trade riffs in an empty white room, with only a giant set of amps to set the scene. Afterwards, don’t miss the behind-the-scenes video from the set of the clip, featuring commentary from both musicians. Believe features both “Highly Strung” and “According to You,” Orianthi’s first single. It is available now in stores and on Orianthi.

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