Rocking Under The Radar: The Downtown Fiction

Taking influences from bands like Green Day and The Rolling Stones, the Fairfax, VA trio have created a truly lovable sound characterized by heavy hitting bass lines, jubilant pop melodies, and enthusiastic rock rhythms topped off with humorous, heartfelt lyrics .

The band formed in the summer of 2008 when vocalist/guitarist, Cameron Leahy and drummer, Eric Jones came together  and posted three demos on MySpace.  After receiving overwhelming positive response, they added friend David Pavluk into the mix. With Pavluk on bass and backing vocals they had rounded out their trio.

In 2009, the boys garnered more attention when their first self-titled release ranked #22 on the overall iTunes charts and were named one of the Top 25 unsigned artists on MySpace after reaching nearly 2.5 million plays. With the online exposure and their building loyal fanbase, there was no doubt they would soon grab industry attention. The trio snagged deal with Photo Finish Records and were officially signed on December 1st, 2009.

In January 2010, the band will release a new EP entitled Best I Never Had produced by Stacy Jones (American Hi-Fi, Ingrid Michaelson, Meg & Dia). The Downtown Fiction will be touring nonstop in support of this album.

The band’s self-titled EP is a quality release with six tracks of love stricken pop/rock. Along with the intense rock riffs in songs like “Is Anybody Out There?” and”Living Proof,”  the band shows their flair for harmonizing on songs like “Hold My Breathe” and “When You’re Around.” From beginning to end each song delivers infectious hooks and power chords that you just can’t get enough.

For more information on the band check out their MySpace page. Be on the look out for the new EP next year and go download a copy of their first self-titled release available now on The Downtown Fiction and Amazon!

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