Rocking Under The Radar: Venice Is Sinking

photo by  Courtnie Wolfgang

Athens, Georgia’s five piece rock outfit known as Venice is Sinking has a contagious celestial sound that I just can’t get enough. After forming in 2003, the band debuted their first LP, Sorry About The Flowers in 2006 garnering national attention. The band released a second album, AZAR which was a musical departure from the “space rock” found on their original release.

The band recently released a  maxi-single for the song “Okay” which appeared on their last album, AZAR. The Okay EP features two alternate versions of AZAR tracks “Ryan’s Song” and “Okay”. The band also included two covers of the San Francisco band Okay that they recorded with Jason NeSmith of Casper & the Cookies: “Compass” and “Give Up.”  Venice is Sinking are big fans of Marty Anderson of Okay, and wanted to honor his wonderful songwriting.

Their endearing mix of guitars with classical viola creates an orchestration that is clearly poppy rock with a mellow edge. This along with the male/female vocals of  singers Daniel Lawson and Karolyn Troupe creates some really nice music.

Check out the band as our SOTD, on MySpace and get their new EP Okay as well as their other albums, AZAR, Sorry About The Flowers,Venice Is Sinking/What We Do Is Secret Split EP on Venice Is Sinking and Amazon now!

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