Rocking Under The Radar: Sleepers Wake

This week’s Unsigned Artist is Sleepers Wake. The indie rock outfit hails from Mercer County, NJ.  Starting out as an acoustic experiment between childhood friends Kristopher David and Dillon Swoll in 2004, it was later turned into a trio when drummer Kevin “mantis” Destefano joined the group. The guys went on to expand the duo creating energetic and catchy music which caught the ear of Kris’ younger brother, Andrew David. With the fourth member in place they continued to broaden their sound which has been described like sonic sex and an aural high.

Listening to tracks on their Myspace page you are immediately touched by this music. From the tantalizing and tasty vocals of Kris and Andrew to the kicking crisp melodies of the guitar and bass lines; it is a emotional, aesthetic pleasure. Stand out tracks include the acoustic skin tingling “Worth The Wait,” the pensively eloquent “Song That Breaks My Heart,” and the guitar heavy distortion of “Live Forever.”

After years of recording themselves and playing a handful of shows in New Jersey dive bars, Sleepers Wake entered the studio in late 2008 to record their first official EP, titled The Black And Grey EP. It’s slated for release in the Fall of 2009.

Check out the band on Myspace and catch a live performance at “SEG Presents” at East Village bar Angels & Kings Nov 4.

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